Monday, August 21, 2006

Granny's Got a Gun: It's Payback!

Frustrated at the slow speed of international internet justice, Mrs. Inspector Fitzgerald is taking matters into her own hands. It's been nearly 18 hours since the dognapping of the as yet unnamed samoyed puppy by a dark, three-legged, bloodthirsty stranger, going by the name "Merlin."

Prince, the not-so-perky samoyed, and father of the missing pup, looks on as Mrs. Inspector Fitzgerald packs a few balogna sandwiches and some "heat" for her long trip south. She's taken the Inspector's service revolver and located Recinto del Pajaro Grande de Ningun Vuelo, California, USA on a map. Diminutive but determined, and hoping she won't have to resort to violence, this is one blue-haired lady "Merlin" will wish he'd never tangled with.


Blogger ELLA ELVIANA said...

he he...funny :-D

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