Monday, July 31, 2006

Contable Singh's Bagpipes

Constable Singh hopes to parlay his skills on the harmonium and bansari into a position in the Regimental Pipes and Drums.
Thanks to Commissioner Inkster, Constable Singh is allowed to replace the traditional Stetson hat with the traditional Sikh turban. Constable Singh was Recently transferred from the "mean streets" of Montreal to the wheat fields of Alberta.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Rex Menaced by a Beaver

Rex proudly wears the scarlet serge tunic of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police except, of course, when he's bathing, then it's just the Stetson hat. Here, Rex's idyllic bath is interrupted by a menacing beaver.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


The Inspector briefs his men on the desperate fugitive Josh Harmonieux. The charismatic miscreant is an art forger, poacher, identity thief, contraband armadillo purveyor, and gratuitous rib shooter. He was last seen wearing a plaid mackinaw and ecru manpris (a bit of a crime in itself). He is suspected locally in a recent rash of Eat-More Bar disappearances. Harmonieux (also known as "Harmonica", "Humorous", "HJ", "Hormones-R-Us", "Plein d'humour", and "Harmonious") is considered extremely dangerous and should be approaced with caution, but must be brought to justice at all costs. The black-souled villain must not remain at large.

Enlarged to Show Joshiness.

And best of all, it's for SALE!

Rich Clausy Goodness Part 3

Gouache 2.5x3.5 inches

Auburn Rubber Police Motorcycle

Nothing makes me more nostalgic than Auburn Rubber toys: The freakish proportions of the cop, the sound of the wheels on a church pew, chewing the head off of the farmer on the tractor, the home made farm animal shooting galleries, the flavor of the vintage rubber, the pungent aroma of the melting speedster...ahhh childhood.

Up for bids.

Guy's Kitty

The other mounties can have their big chins and their husky dogs. Guy likes his new kitty Countessa.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Claus 2

2.5x3.5 inches

John Deere Model GP (on steel)

2.5x3.5 inches

Count Basie

2.5x3.5 inches

Monday, July 17, 2006

Christmas in July

Inspector Fitzgerald and the frisky samoyed Prince dress up to deliver gifts to the children at the orphanage.

Old School All Stars: Tyrone "T-Bone" Richard

Tyrone "T-bone" Richard

This card portrays Tyrone "T-bone" Richard, Defensive Safety Back, for the Cleveland Cuyahogas. Known more for his moves on the dance floor and his vocal stylings than his erratic defensive play, T-bone can make the crowds cheer with a spectacular interception and the ladies swoon with a soulful ballad.

Enlarged to show detail.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Tableaux Vivants

Dress Rehearsal

Inspector Fitzgerald working undercover? No, he's rehearsing the part of The Little Mermaid for the upcoming 32nd Annual Regimental Auxilliary Tableaux Vivants. Mrs. Inspector Fitzgerald hopes she can get the Inspector to remove the Stetson hat for the performance. The Inspector hopes, that with his recent prostate problems, he'll be able to sit still for the perfomance. (This piece created in response to a double dog dare from ebay artist golders, issued during a discussion started by punchdrunk protege ebay wannabe artist harmoniousjosh. The idea, as I recall, being how many popular ebay search items could fit into a Mountie card.)

New Series: Santa Portraits

Gouache on Gesso primed paper. 2.5x3.5". A new series of Santa Portraits. Christmas in July.

Crazy Cats: Giants of Jazz

Louis Armstrong

Gouache on Gesso primed paper. 2.5x3.5"