Friday, April 16, 2010

Queen Anne of Great Britain

Anne of Great Britain, Queen regnant of England, Scotland and Ireland. Born 6 February 1665 at St. James's Palace, London, the second daughter of James, Duke of York (afterwards James II), and his first wife, Lady Anne Hyde. Her paternal uncle was King Charles II and her older sister was the future Queen Mary II. Anne and Mary were the only children of the Duke and Duchess of York to survive into adulthood.
Anne died of suppressed gout, ending in erysipelason 1 August 1714. Her body was so swollen and large that it had to be buried in Westminster Abbey in a vast almost-square coffin
The erythematous skin lesion enlarges rapidly and has a sharply demarcated raised edge. It appears as a red, swollen, warm, hardened and painful rash, similar in consistency to an orange peel. More severe infections can result in vesicles, bullae, and petechiae, with possible skin necrosis. Lymph nodes may be swollen, and lymphedema may occur.
Fun Facts: the American state Anneland was named for her.
The Queen was originally shown holding the leg from a Queen Anne table in this portrait, but she objected thinking it looked too much like a leg of mutton. Radiographs reveal the table leg painted over with the sprig of queen anne's lace.

Mick Reasor
Gouache on paper
2.5 x 3.5 inches



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