Saturday, October 28, 2006


Singh's Next Post

Constable Singh the Sikh Mountie, having been assigned to the mean streets of Montreal and the endless prairies of Alberta, paddles to his new post in the Northwest Territories.

Gordon the Gourmet

Gordon, proud member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, is as at home in the kitchen as he is on the trail of a nefarious criminal. Here Gordon shows off his masterpiece: Les Poissons de Truite Avec le Citron ont Présenté Sur un Lit de Persil Dans une Cuvette en Céramique (Trout in a Bowl). There's nothing like fresh rainbow trout from the icy streams of the majestic Canadian Rockies.

Rex Menaced by Wolves!

Rex, proud member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, finds himself surrounded by a pack of hungy Canis Lupus-es. Rex hopes his faithful Malamute King returns from his "private business" in time to offer assistance.

The Inspector's First Decoy

As retirment looms for Inspector Fitzgerald he looks for a rewarding hobby. Having seen some lovely carved decoys in a Northwoods Lodge the Inspector thinks woodcarving may be just the thing. Succeeding in making several sharpened sticks, he manages to fashion some of them into a fine decoy.

The Inspector's New Goosecall

Inspector Fitzgerald, an avid sportsman, gives his new goose call a try.

It works.

Nelson's Air Guitar

Nelson, a proud and musical Mountie, in a private moment plays a few "air guitar" licks on an old snowshoe.

Gordon Cooks Again
Once again demonstrating his culinary skills, Gordon, proud member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, whips up a nice souffle' from an old family recipe.


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